Horsetail as fungicide and insecticide

Horsetail is a great ingredient to prepare an organic fungicide, thanks to its equisetonin content, which is toxic for fungi. It’s also attributed insecticidal properties against aphids and red spider mites, and its use does not harm wildlife or the environment.


  • In a large bottle put 25grams of horsetail per liter of water.
  • Shake well for 15 minutes and let sit for a whole day (24h).
  • The next day, shake again and filter the cold infusion.
  • Pour 1 liter of the horsetail preparation per 40 liters of fumigation liquid.


Thoroughly wet the whole plant with the fumigation liquid. Avoid the extreme heat and direct sunlight when wetting the plant.

If it’s used as a preventive method during high risk periods, apply every 8 days.

If it’s used to treat an existing plague, apply every 3 days for one week.


Do not mix the horsetail infusion obtained with the fumigation liquid in the same container, as there may be some incompatibilities of the components.

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